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Artic Master Overview

Arctic master is a product that reduces the consumption of power and energy by lowered temperature and pressure by attaching to the gas (fluid, gas) passage that gets circulated through the catalysts in the HVAC equipment. During the process of being introduced into the condenser at high pressure at the time of the cooling or heating, Artic Master installed in the gas passage makes internal temperature and pressure change through Condenser Coil and increases the resulting efficiency.HVAC equipment that is currently being used to allow us to lead a rich life are about 30% or more of the world power so the use area is wide. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of HAVC unit that uses compressor motor to circulate the catalyst used as the coolant by mounting a semi-permanent Arctic master becomes the most sure way to reduce power consumption and this can become a high-tech product with high stability. In all countries, in particular, the OECD countries, this will become a business vying for urgency from 20xx, a year when a fine system starts in accordance with the amount of carbon emission. By applying it to countries all over the world in this time of era, it can reduce penalties and taxes, prevent global warming and can become a business that can protect enormous finance and the Earth.

Now, from year 20xx, a year when the Carbon tax enforcement will be applied starting with the OECD countries for Earth’s natural conservation and global warming, and nationwide and pan-national energy reduction has become a field that can’t be avoided. From year 20xx, organizations from many places including the UN Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has agreed to prevent huge disasters by preventing global warming and OECD countries, including the United States are already giving a lot of support to increase such energy efficiency.

First, solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen cells etc that corresponds to the creation of new renewable energy, second, lighting, and motor control applications corresponding to the power and various general control devices corresponding to methods/equipments that increases the efficiency of the existing energy and third, standby power sector that could reduce standby power are applicable.

In the areas like these, product that is being applied aiming to reduce the consumption of energy is the Artic Master. Although this product is unfamiliar, principle of operation is based on basic theory of forming a vortex through a centrifuge from fluid or gas, already listed in old academic journals.

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