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Korea Image System Co. Ltd.

“Under the management philosophy “Value Management”, “Future-oriented”, “Profit Sharing”, we are constantly challenging new fields for more convenient and comfortable life. Based on the technical know-how accumulated over the years and through perfect quality and improved productivity, we are establishing a firm position in the field of web monitoring SYSTEM, security system, illegal parking system, image recognition, information and communication/electrical construction field and more.

We promise you the best customer SYSTEM and the best service.

Headquarters (office, factory)

CEO Han Hyun Chung
Founding Date 2002 (Incorporated January 10, 2004)
Main Business LED Light manufacturing / sales
Number of Employees 17 Employees
Company Location 16, Nakdong-daero 1412 beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea(353-5, Samnak-dong)
Phone number T. +82-51-305-7631~9  F. +82-51-305-7980, 7988

Seoul Branch (office, second factory)

1, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea The Rubens Valley Suite. 508

Tel : +82-2-6928-7631~9

Fax : +82-2-6928-7630


2014 07 Start disaster safety projects
2013 02 LED lighting business Start
2010 11 K Mark Certification (DMS- dual monitors monitoring and control system) (PC12010-195)
2009 09 New-Renewable energy company registration (solar energy)(2009-4964)
04 Software Quality certification Acquisition(GS)-T.M.C.S(Integrated Monitoring Monitoring and Control System) (09-0051)
03 Venture Company Registration(20090400188)
03 Electrical Contractor Registration (Busan -01298)
2008 06 Industry Leader Certification Aquisition – IT Business (2008-6-60)
02 Public Procurement Service Excellent Product Designation Deed Registration ‘Dual Monitoring Monitoring and Control System (Designated Number 2007311)
2007 07 Citation / Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City (NO.1674)
05 Technology INNOBIZ Small Business Certification Aquisition (NO. R7021-2204)
04 Innovation Management Small Business Certification Aquisition (NO. R070201-00116)
2006 12 Citation / Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprise (NO.1345)
09 Performance Certificate ‘Dual Monitoring Monitoring and Control System (NO.12-038)
2005 12 Research and Development Department Certification (20055723)
2004 03 Software Business Registration (Registration No. 2005-03187)
02 Telecommunications Contractor Registration (Registration No. 120816)
02 Quality System Standard ISO9001/KSA90 Certification Aquisition (Registration No. KOR-1038-0402)
01 Cooperation Korea Image System Co., Ltd, Established