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Overview of LED lighting

Energy efficiency policy is the topic around the world

Lighting takes up 19% in the power consumption!

Economic benefit and CO² savings from LED lighting replacement !

  • Expansion of LED light has economic benefit of energy savings effect and Expansion of LED light has economic benefit of energy savings effect and eco-friendliness at the same time
  • If LED lighting is distributed 100% domestically
    It is estimated that energy savings scale will be 2 trillion won annually and 8 million tons of annual CO² reduction.
  • LED lighting is the new growth engine business of the government and the green growth industry development item of the government

Utility value of the LED lighting

A New Paradigm for Future Lighting!

Long-life environmentally friendly LED light has a number of advantages compared to conventional lighting so it is being hailed as replacement lighting and will grow ito a new paradigm of future lighting.

In particular, use of LED lights

1) has great energy saving effect and reduces CO2 emissions at the same time in accordance with excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency
2) has long life and excellent durability, high brightness and glare reduction can be implemented
3) does not use toxic substances such as mercury or generate harmful ultraviolet rays
4) lighting control such as dimming and color control is easy and degree of freedom in downsizing and a design of the light source is high.

Environmentally friendly lighting thinking of the global environment

  • Low Carbon, Green Growth Global Warming Resolved ( Limits CO² Emission)
  • If LED lights are distributed 100%, it can reduce the quantity of plants.

Healthy Lighting for Human

  • LED products are environmentally friendly product that does not include mercury, lead
  • No harmful wavelengths, such as UV (ultraviolet) so it is harmless to eyesight and skin

High Efficiency, long life and economical lighting

  • Reduce electricity cost through high efficiency energy-saving lighting
  • When you replace with long-life, maintenance cost reducing LED lighting, it will bring economic benefits.

Shape and use of the LED light


LED flat lighting is the next generation of interior light to replace the incandescent or fluorescent lamp previously used office space or a large store. High efficiency and lifetime of the LED Can effectively reduce frequent replacement and maintenance costs of the existing lamps and is an appropriate light fixture for all indoor environments


LED Down Light is product that can replace the local lighting in several places such as retail stores, restaurants, showrooms, airports, etc. It Is easy to install and exchange, can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor space and since variety of colors exchange and implementation of high color rendering is possible, it is an optimal light to be used in places that emphasizes the atmosphere.

Straight pipe type LED Lamp (LED TUBE)

LED Tube is a product that can replace fluorescent lamps. It can be installed by leveraging the previously installed fluorescent luminaries and voltage of 100 ~ 240V is applicable. It has a lifespan six times of conventional fluorescent so it not only will greatly reduce replacement costs but also, it will reduce power consumption. Also, through improved light efficiency, brightness has been greatly improved.


LED street light and security lighting is a product that can replace existing HID (mercury, sodium, metal halide) lamp street lights, security lights and park lights. It is a product that complemented the problems of the existing street lights through optimum thermal design and wide light distribution.