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Vibration isolation system is

Apparatus to maintain the continuity of work by protecting computing, communication, power, control equipment, etc. sensitive to earthquakes or severe shock
Vibration isolation system un-installed Data Center
Vibration isolation system installed Data Center

The principle of vibration isolation system (seismic isolation)

The seismic isolation system that delivers only minimal impact of earthquake shocks coming from the bottom by the ball between the upper plate and the lower plate. In fact, if actually tested, the top plate of the bottom plate shows very little movement giving proof of the seismic isolation principle.
※ Ball &Cone Seismic isolation method
It is used most widely by the large companies around the world internationally(World’s #1) and is the method proven in a number of large earthquake fields. It has exact origin restoring feature using only its structure without assistance from other structures.

Product Installation Case(BALL &CONE)

Overseas (US Product)  INTEL, HP, IBM, MS, NASA, 3M, CISCO, BOEING, BC, Toshiba, Hitachi, NTT, …
Domestic(Domestic &US Imported Products)  IBK Corporation Bank Mok-dong Center and Suji Center, Korea Power Exchange, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Veterans Hospital. Kori Nuclear Power Plant, YTN, Seoul IDC,Uljin Airport, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Asiana IDC, Gapyeong County Office, Korea Appraisal Board, …

Early fire automatic extinguishing system concept

- Device to protect critical facilities and personnel by installing tubing associated with fire extinguishers in a needed space
– In case of fire, it suppresses the fire from the ignition point early on by the rupture of the tube by the flame and injection of extinguishing gases through the ruptured hole on the tube at the same time.

Problems of site without installation of environmentally friendly automatic fire extinguishing system

  • Inevitable spread of fire due to difficult early detection of fire since people does not normally reside
  • Generation of long recovery time and damaged image due it becoming a social issue
  • Massive disruption of product and customer service causing damage cost
  • Considerable amount of damage cost due to elevated price of the equipment

Products installation type

Electrical Control and Cabinets

PLC and Process Automation Control Cabinet, Computer Data Processing Equipment, UPS Cabinets, Medical Equipment Switchboards and more

Semiconductor,TFT-LCD,PDP Plant

Furnace Heat Exhaust Duct, Control Cabinets, etc.

Industrial Equipment Sector

Plant Equipment Engine Protection, Generators, Forklift, Pulp Processing Equipment, Excavators, etc.

FUME Cabinet Sector

Flammable Chemicals Storage Cabinets, R & D Laboratories, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, etc.

Technology and Industrial Sectors

CNC Machine, EDM Equipment, FA Equipment, Automatic Welding Machines, Injection Molding Machine, Robotic Equipment, Boiler Room, etc.

Vehicles and Transport Sector

Public Transport, Car, Engine Room, Special Purpose Vehicle (car riot police, military vehicles), etc.