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RMS is a non-motorized and is the only solution to increase the performance of the air conditioning and refrigeration (freezer) instrument. The energy-saving effect is dramatic and is more effective when the ambient temperature is higher.

  • Cooling capacity increasing effect
  • More than 20% energy savings
  • Extend the life of the compressor
  • Long product life of more than 30 years
  • Easy installation, short payback period (ROI 2 years)
  • Non-powered free electric equipment unit, Maintenance-free\
  • Applies Building and Factory Energy Management System (BEMS & PEMS)
  • Can be installed on all compressors (except for centrifugal compressors)
  • Can be installed on any size of the cooling system

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Product Application

Air Conditioning and Cooling (Freezer), Heat pumps, Various computer rooms, Cold storage, FEMS, etc.

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