Intelligent street light distributor(400N)

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Built-in two-way flasher
Model Name: KIS-400N(Identification NO. 22680604)

Configuration: Two-way flasher + distributor

Distribution box

Classification Specifications and Features
Size(mm) 400mm X 400mm X 2000mm
Material Stainless steel, powder coated
LED 6 bulbs LED 4 pieces / RGB LED 1 piece
Structure Upper area (Ventilation & antenna), Main Unit (front and rear configuration), Lower Area
Ventilation system Non-powered air-to-air ventilation using Bernoulli’s principle, eco-friendly products
Antenna System Optimized structures that receives radio waves
Landscape Production Upper and lower LED as light production improves nighttime road environment
Sided structure (doubledoors) Back and front arrangement ensures plenty of room

Two-way flasher (KIS-2000C)

Classification Specifications
Size(mm) 150mm X 250mm X 100mm
Material ABS Synthetic resin
Rated voltage AC220V ±10% , 60Hz
Rated output DC300V ±10%, 10mA
CPU 1 Chip Microprocessor
Data Signal System FSK Method
Relay capacity Contact Rating AC 220V/10A (2 pieces)
ID 4 Broadband, 32 Group, 63 Individual
Fuse capacity Power 1A (1 piece), load 5A (2 pieces)
Frequency Range 142MHz – 159MHz
Multi connection channel number 4 channels (MAX)
Transmission output 4.8W (MAX)
Below -120 dBm
Receiving system Double Superheterodyne Method
Maximum frequency deviation ± 2.5 KHz
Frequency tolerance within ±5 ppm